Montrose is fortunate in having a wide variety of package liquor stores that support our community with a diverse product range to suite any taste.

To purchase alcohol in Colorado one is required to be 21 years of age.  Liquor store sell spirits, wine and beer, with grocery stores being allowed to sell beer (with no top alcohol level, with the sale of cider being considered a wine).

Liquor can be defined as a distilled beverage with an alcohol content of at least 20%, with 40% being the most common. There are seven essential spirits: Vodka, Gin, Whiskey (Burbon, Rye & Scotch), Rum, Tequilla & Mescal, and Bitters. Within each spirit there are a large number of brands, stiles and flavors..

Beer is the third most popular beverage in the world, after water and tea. Evidence of beer consumption, a fermented cereal drink, has been dated back 13,000 years. In addition to national brands, Colorado is the home to a large numbers of small craft breweries. Here in Montrose we are fortunate to have four such small batch breweries, each serving their beer.

Different types of beer: ale, pale ale, stout, mild ale, wheat beer, Lambic, and lager. Each with it's own taste signature and many variations.

Wine has been found dating from 7,000 BCE in China. Grapes are fermented with yeast converting the sugars into alcohol. Varieties of grapes and variations of yeast strains create unique flavors. The major centers of vino culture are located in Italy, France, Spain, the United States and China.

The Uncompahgre and North Fork Valleys are the center of Western Slope wine production.

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Beer Barn 2
1001 East Main Street
Montrose, CO

Competitive Pricing &
Excellent Customer Service

The Beer Barn 2 is conveniently located on East Main Street, just two blocks from the KOA Campground. We are a full service liquor store with over 50 craft beers that are continually updated. We have an excellent wine and liquor selection. Can't find what your looking for? Just ask, as the Beer Barn 2 will special order on request. Don't leave without checking out our snack selection.

We carry propane and have an easy access for your RV or trailer.

Ask us about our current give-away!

Monday - Sunday: 8am - Midnight
Closed on Christmas Day

Corks Fine Wine & Spirits
16420 South Townsend Avenue
Montrose, CO

Drive-In Liquors
700 North Townsend Avenue
Montrose, CO

House of Spirits
1518 East Main Street
Montrose, CO

The Liquor Store
1601 Oxbow Drive
Montrose, CO

Pour House Wines & Spirits
10 Bristlecone Drive
Montrose, CO

West Main Liquors
235 West Main Street
Montrose, CO